Here you go... you have made your decision so cast your vote. Leave your comment on which cover design(s) you would like to see on the book cover of 'RAGE'... Okay... GO!!!


06/10/2010 11:11am

I have to put my vote in #1... Although I think #2 is cool as hell... Get with me soon... need a new cover and more for my new project too...

malynda doner
06/10/2010 11:32am

#1 so far but still waiting to see #3

betty steinman
06/11/2010 9:32pm

C. Reynolds
06/12/2010 10:45pm

I like No.2. I read the preview Cant wait to read the whole book. Thank you for giving your fans a chance to win a free copy.

juanita langan
06/13/2010 4:22pm

i vote for #1 i realy like it.

malynda doner
06/13/2010 10:42pm

I saw #3 and i still like #1 the best, it's suspenseful different people like different horror, 2 might appear to be too graphic at first glance and 3 might appear to be more "killing". #1 will make your readers have to at very least read the preview!!!!!

06/13/2010 10:53pm

Def. # seems to fit more! I can personally see it on the bookshelves now!! Good job!!! can't wait to read it! if its anything like ur first book...(which I read in like a day...couldn't put it down..) I know it will be a great hit!

06/14/2010 10:59am

I personally like the #3 cover sample- it seems to be more fitting to the preview and make the mind wander what she is eating... I read the preview too, would love to read more. By the way, I read the preview to the book in progress too- sounds good.

Kristi Austin
06/14/2010 5:41pm

I would def. i have 2 say # 1. #2 looks like ur just trying to rape ,beat up and i don't think #3 works cause she looks like she bit someones ear off.... lol def. #1 papa john

06/16/2010 8:50pm

Ccover #1


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