I was just wondering, never get any comments other than when we were having the vote... Let me know if I am wasting my time on this blog or not.
Yes, yes, yes... RAGE is now available for purchase right here on this site. It will not be available for at least a few weeks through retail channels such as amazon.com. So that means you get first crack at it, and the rest of the world has to wait. I fought hard to keep the price down, but the publisher sets it and there was little I could do. But I did make it a little easier on you by convencing them to release it in both hardcover and paperback (originally it was only to be in hardback.). Any way, which ever you choose I am sure you will find that it was money well spent. 
I also wanted to remind you that the Rage T-shirt is available for pre-purchase... We are only waiting on our proof shirts to arrive, and if we like them the listing in the Merchandise section will be updated. Don't be affaid to order yours just because you can not see it right now. It is a white, cotton T-shirt, with the book cover art on the front, J.E. Steinman at top, Rage at bottom of art, and Feel The Fear printed across under the art, all in RED of course. On the back shoulders it reads: wordsofrage.weebly.com also in red. 
Okay, I guess that is all for now, other merchandise will be coming over the next few months... keep checking back.

That's right, I just got the edited copy of RAGE back in my possesion, a little more fine tuning and it will be off to the publisher... So keep checking back here or on facebook (J.


We will be drawing for the free copy of RAGE within the next two hours, so check back to see who wins. Winner will be posted on the Cover art contest page below t

Thanks to all of you that cast your vote, both from here and Facebook. I wish you all could win a free copy, but there can be only one. We will be drawing the name of the winner later today... Good luck to you all, and thanks again. But do remember that we still need your help to get the word about RAGE out to the world, post it on facebook, myspace, or blog about it... just help us spread the word.
Well now that I have the designs done for the cover contest, it's back to working on Dark Earth. I have posted a sneak peek of it in the book section if you want to take a peek.

Thats right... just heard from my editor today, she is hoping to be finished by next Sunday. So keep your fingers crossed, and get to voting on the cover.

Here you go... you have made your decision so cast your vote. Leave your comment on which cover design(s) you would like to see on the book cover of 'RAGE'... Okay... GO!!!


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